The inquiry

We wanted to find out how we can narrow the generation gap in giving and promote active engagement with charities at all ages. Over a year, the Charities Aid Foundation held a Parliamentary Inquiry, chaired by former Cabinet Minister Rt Hon David Blunkett MP and co-chaired by Andrew Percy MP and Baroness Tyler.

The inquiry focused on three main areas:
Growing up Giving, Giving at Work, and Going on Giving.

The Terms of Reference used by the Inquiry are set out below. We asked for submissions of written evidence on each strand of the inquiry.

Terms of Reference
for Growing Giving Inquiry

Overall Aim

To investigate and explore ways to close the generation gap in charitable giving and promote active engagement with charities at all ages. To encourage younger generations to give more time and money to charity and ensure people keep on giving throughout their lives.

Inquiry Panel

Chair: Rt Hon David Blunkett MP (Labour)
Co-Chairs: Andrew Percy MP (Conservative), Baroness Tyler (Liberal Democrat)

Strands of inquiry


1. Growing up Giving

What is the role of education in helping young people to learn about and engage with charity? What opportunities are there are for young people to become involved in charity? How we can make giving opportunities fit for the digital age?

As a guide to help start the debate, here are the questions we hope to address.

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2. Giving at Work

How can we promote charity and philanthropy more effectively in the workplace? What are the most effective mechanisms for giving? How do people give at work? What is the future of philanthropy in the work environment?


3. Going On Giving

How can we best engage retired people with charities? How can we harness their generosity today, and ensure they pass on the gift of giving to future generations? How can people plan their giving as they get older?

The deadline for the submission of written evidence relating to the Going on Giving stage of the inquiry is Wednesday 27th November 2013.

David Blunkett"Every young person can make a difference and support the causes they care about. Young people are crying out for advice and a framework by which they can be aided to help others, either in fundraising or in giving of their time. At a moment when we are approaching Red Nose Day and the generosity that is displayed in funding for Comic Relief, sustaining those good intentions is vital. Not least, as we know there’s been a 20% drop in giving.


Linked to the Government’s substantial investment in National Citizen’s Service for 16 year olds, we will want to examine how we can identify the ingredients that would encourage a continuing generosity at a time of austerity, as well as active citizenship, which will sustain society by bringing people together to meet need.”
— David Blunkett MP

Baroness Tyler of Enfield"Research has shown that over half of all donations to charity come from the over 60s, and to reduce this dependency it is vitally important that we help people to engage constructively with charities at all stages of their lives. We need to investigate the reasons for differences in generational giving and what can be done about it. I'm delighted to be co-chairing the Growing Giving Inquiry for the Charities Aid Foundation which will look in more detail into this important issue, and I would urge anyone with an interest to contribute."
— Baroness Tyler of Enfield

Andrew Percy"The proportion of charitable donations coming from young people has more than halved since the 1980s. We must act now to arrest this decline. Putting charities onto a sound financial footing is vital if we are to build a stronger society, and we need to address trends that threaten to place an excessive burden on the generosity of older people. This inquiry is an important step towards finding out the reasons for variations in generational giving. I'm looking forward to serving as Co-Chair and working with the Charities Aid Foundation to investigate the reasons for these disparities in more depth."
— Andrew Percy MP